5.0mm Welded Medium Link G316 Stainless Steel Chain

$13.76$860.31 Inc GST


5.0mm Welded Medium Link G316 Stainless Steel Chain

$13.76$860.31 Inc GST

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Product Description

5.0mm Welded Medium Link G316 Stainless Steel Chain is the lighter general purpose chain. This chain suits light rigging and Shop Fitting. 5.0mm Welded Medium Link G316 Stainless Steel Chain (Marine Grade) has virtually no stretch and excellent flexibility.  The chain surface is electropolished. As a result, it best used with similar G316 fittings which include quick-links, shackles, and spring hooks.  All 4.8mm and 5.0mm fittings suit this chain. Tensile Strength (MBS) = ~1300kg


Usage: This is a light and strong chain making it easy to work with and conform without stretch. Wire and fitting size also affect desired chain size.  Anticipated load determines optimum chain size. Additional factors to consider are the dimensions of the links and the material of related fittings.  Additional uses include: Picture (statue?) Hanging, Shop Fitting, Shade Sails, Trellis structuring, ‘Green Wall’ construction, Rigging Slings, Theatre Production Infrastructure – Stage Lights, Curtains, & Prop Construction.


Length of Wire: Use combinations of the offered lengths to get the desired total length. For example – choose a quantity of “8” of the 1M length to select a single length of 8 Metres. We cut and ship all Chain orders as a single length. As a result, each wire order is packaged as a coil or a reel depending on length and all are factory wrapped and sealed. A requirement of less than 100M on a reel needs a special order (please phone first).


Quality: All Low Cost Wire products meet our strict ISO Quality Standards. Likewise, our Stainless Steel Wire is AISI Mill Certified at manufacture. Consequently, an AISI Mill certificate of alloy composition (copy) is available for a small additional fee at the time of purchase. Our wire rope delivers the optimal balance between high tensile strength, fatigue resistance, abrasion resistance, and structural stability. Finally, our process provides a special treatment for a bright and smooth surface on the wire and cable. As a result, this delivers a truly top-shelf, long lasting product that will look new for ages…

Usage Tips

  • Our general purpose G316 Stainless Steel Chain is manufactured from high-quality G316 Stainless Steel. and sourced from a supplier, with over 30 years of experience in the industry.
  • LCW Chain is commonly suits Shade Sail, Architectural Projects, and Marine applications and may be used in conjunction with Wire Rope that has similar MBS ratings.
  • Cutting of the chain is best done using a hydraulic cutter or a stainless steel dedicated set of  shears or a grinder to avoid contamination of the stainless.
  • All LCW Chain may be linked/extended but care needs to be taken in consideration of MBS and aperture size (dimensions).
  • Manual Linking is generally done using Quick links  rather than shackles. Stainless Steel is used instead of Galvanised Steel because matching alloys is important. As a result, catastrophic  failure may be avoided. Mild Steel fittings with Stainless Steel Chain  WILL cause a dissimilar alloys reaction and as a result corrode the Stainless Steel chain.
  • An estimated Minimum Breaking Strain is supplied for guidance in using our chains in various applications. Be aware that our chains are NOT rated for lifting purposes. They are intended for general purpose applications that do not require certification or Proof testing.
  • If a Test Certificate is required for proof or MBS testing, then advice can be supplied as to how to complete the testing process.
  • If you require Rated Lifting equipment including chains and fittings - please consult a full and certified member of the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA).

Installation Considerations

  • Matching alloys is important and avoiding cross contamination is very important. Standard fittings for G316 Stainless Steel Chain are made from G304 or G316 Stainless Steel. Contact with Aluminium or Carbon Steel is NOT recommended as it will cause a corrosive (galvanic) reaction.
  • It is recommended that similar alloy fasteners are used so that a dis similar (corrosive) alloy reaction is avoided.
  • It may be necessary to (electrically) isolate and insulate fittings from any non stainless steel substrate material - again to avoid a galvanic (dissimilar alloys) reaction. This can be done using an insulation device such as nylon washers or grommets



1M, 10M, 100M

Item Diameter



Stainless Steel


AISI G316 (Marine)





MBS (Tensile Strength)



D = ~5.0mm
A = ~19.5mm
H = ~8.5mm