Dee Ring 8x50mm G316 Stainless Steel

$1.94$1,790.00 Inc GST


Dee Ring 8x50mm G316 Stainless Steel

$1.94$1,790.00 Inc GST

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Dee Ring 8x50mm G316 Stainless Steel
A D-Ring or Dee Ring 8x50mm G316 Stainless Steel are the attachment point that normally has webbing looped through it to secure something – like a helmet or a Shade Sail. It provides structure to the end loop of a webbing or strapping (or rope). The Dee Ring Structure evenly supports the force of the bearing point attachment.   The strapping  evenly distributed across the Dee Ring Structure.  Therefore it is important to match the strapping with the width of the D-Ring to minimize wear and stretch on the attachment point.


Usage:  The end of a length of webbing is threaded through one side of a Dee Ring 8x50mm. The webbing is then attached (to the item).  Subsequently,  retention fittings (such as turnbuckles or wire rope) are then fastened to the Dee Ring.  Webbing of a width equal to the ‘A’ measurement of the Dee Ring.   NOTE: can also be used with strapping or rope of similar diameters

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Dimensions: D = ~ 6.0mm d = ~ 6.0mm L = ~ xxx.0mm L1 = ~ xxx.0mm A = ~ 8.0MM


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Stainless Steel


AISI G316 (Marine)