Eye Nut JIS G316 Stainless Steel – ALL SIZES

$1.10$198.72 Inc GST


Eye Nut JIS G316 Stainless Steel – ALL SIZES

$1.10$198.72 Inc GST

Eye Nuts are designed to provide a method for anchoring chain and wire rope to a fixed surface by threading the Eye Nut onto a rod or bolt. Stainless Steel Eye Nuts are made from polished marine grade stainless steel and offer excellent corrosion resistance and durability.

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Product Description

Eye Nut JIS

An Eye Nut is a “nut with a loop”.  So its sort of like the top of an eye bolt – but it has a collar.  There are two ‘styles’ of Eye Nuts (and Eye Nut Bolts) on the market – DIN (Type 582) and JIS.  We stock them both… They can be secured to any ‘MALE” fitting with the proper sized thread (such as studs, ready rod, eye bolts, etc.)  They are made from G316 Marine Stainless Steel  and are Electro-polished for a very smooth and bright finish.


These fittings are designed to provide an eye (for attachment purposes) where there is only a male thread available. Generally, these are used for lifting or attachment purposes. You simply screw on your eye nut and you have landscape anchors or a double headed eye bolt or a host of other things you can dream up.

Features & Benefits:

  • Marine Grade
  • Precision Manufactured
  • Rustproof
  • Electro-Polished


  • Suits male threads of a similar thread pitch.
  • NOTE: can also be used with galvanised steel wire rope of similar diameters



M6 RHT, M8 RHT, M10 RHT, M12 RHT, M20 RHT


AISI G316 (Marine)


Stainless Steel


Collar – JIS