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Swage Sleeve – 4.0mm Oval G304 Stainless Steel

$1.86$1,433.75 Inc GST

Swage Sleeve Oval G304
Oval Swage Dimensional Diagram
Oval and Duplex Shape

Swage Sleeve – 4.0mm Oval G304 Stainless Steel

$1.86$1,433.75 Inc GST

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Swage Sleeve – 4.0mm Oval G304 Stainless Steel connects 4.0mm Stainless Steel Wire Rope. A Swage Sleeve may be called a crimp, clamp, ferrule, or tube. The Swage Sleeve – 4.0mm Oval G304 Stainless Steel is oval in shape. Additionally, Oval Swages are “machine swages”.  Duplex Swages are “manual swages”. Machine Swages require hydraulic swaging in diameters of 2.0mm or greater. Additionally, a Swage Sleeve fits a single wire diameter. Other fittings – normally of a thimble – are used in concert with Swage Sleeves.  Swage Stoppers do NOT require thimbles for their use.

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Usage: The Swage Sleeve – 4.0mm anchors together 2 strands of wire. The alloy AISI G316 is more ‘brittle’ than AISI G304 and therefore carefully avoided. The AISI G304 alloy  is compatible with G316 Stainless Steel Wire Rope.  AISI G304 has increased malleability for easy swaging. To clarify, swaging is the process of uniformly crushing a fitting from a starting diameter to a finished diameter. Therefore, the chosen swaging tool must achieve a cold pressure weld. Logically, the requisite pressure and tool size varies with the size of the wire and the fitting. Consequently, we recommend Swaging Stainless Steel fittings onto wire larger than 2.0mm with an adequate hydraulic swaging tool.

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Quality: All Low Cost Wire products meet our strict ISO Quality Standards. As well, they are all made with AISI Marine Grade stainless steel. Firstly, our products achieve the optimal balance between high tensile strength, fatigue resistance, abrasion resistance, and structural stability. Secondly, that long experience with design and manufacturing enables the specification and production of aesthetically beautiful and functional products. Finally, our products have a special electro polished treatment for bright and smooth surface of wire and cable to deliver a truly top-shelf, long lasting product that will look new for ages…

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Dimensions: a = ~ xx.0mm b = ~ xx.0mm s = ~ xx.0mm L = ~ xx.0mm

Usage Tips

  • The end of a length of wire is threaded through one side of a swage, the wire is then looped around a thimble and the end of the wire is threaded back through the swage.
  • Swages are normally used in concert with Thimbles (the tear drop shaped thin strips of metal that go inside of the Terminating Loop) so that when it is secured, the force of the bearing point is evenly distributed along the length of the thimble and minimizes wear and stretch on the wire cable.
  • The swage and thimble are then secured using a swaging / crimping tool.
  • The thimble forms the 'loop' that is normally fastened to the saddle, eye screw/bolt or a shackle already secured to the posts or uprights that form the frame or area that will contain the wire.

Installation Considerations

  • Matching alloys is important and avoiding cross contamination is very important.
  • It is recommended that similar alloy fasteners are used so that a dis similar (corrosive) alloy reaction is avoided.
  • G304 Stainless Steel is used to attach fittings to all grades of stainless steel wire rope. G304 is appropriate in HIGHLY corrosive environments,
  • Copper or Nickel Coated Copper is used to attach fittings to all grades of stainless steel wire rope. It may also be used as a premium fastener on all grades of Galvanised Wire as well. Bare or coated copper is appropriate in all normal  environments - including marine.
  • Aluminium is used to attach fittings to all grades of galvanised steel wire rope. It should not be used as an 'economy'  fastener on any grade of Stainless Wire as corrosion will result and the connection will fail in a relatively short time.
  • It may be necessary to (electrically) isolate and insulate fittings from the substrate material - again to avoid a galvanic (dissimilar alloys) reaction. Nylon washers can be very effective in this regard

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Pack Size

Single, 10 Pack, 100 Pack, 1000 Pack

Wire Diameter



Stainless Steel


AISI G304 (Marine)

Connection Style

Hydraulic Swaging


a = ~ x.xmm
b = ~ x.xmm
s = ~ x.xmm
L = ~ x.xmm

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