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Balustrade Rigging Tension Gauge

$79.98 $65.98 Includes GST


Balustrade Rigging Tension Gauge

$79.98 $65.98 Includes GST

Tension Measuring Gauges allow you to KNOW that your work is properly completed and affords the strength of a professional rigging job.

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Balustrade Rigging Tension Gauge

Balustrade Rigging Tension Gauge is used to check the tension of installed cable (wire rope). A Tension Gauge works with both manually and hydraulically swaged fittings.  These are hand tools you should probably have hanging around to make sure the job is done RIGHT!

The Low Cost Wire Tension Gauge is what you need to ensure that your wires are properly tightened – its  actually a technical process – you don’t just hook them up and twist and hope…

The Balustrade Rigging Tension Gauge is an easy to use tool that allows the user to determine the amount of tension on each wire.  The matrix table on the gauge – and the interpretation table provided with the gauge – matches the tension and spacing required as per NCC regulations making it perfect for installing and planning future wire balustrade projects.


Wire balustrade regulations in Australia (As per NCC 2016) are often perceived as being confusing and hard to interpret. It is common for customers to find tension tables confusing as well as understand the best wire diameter/ construction to use.

Wire balustrade regulations are laid out in the National Construction Code (NCC) and  have remained largely unchanged since 2005. We can supply a copy of the regulations in PDF form – or you can check our FAQs for a current on-line copy.

With some basic understanding of the regulations and types of wire used it is easy to achieve a wire balustrade design that will satisfy regulations and pass inspection.  Install the wire – check the outcome ….Simple…

With 1000’s sold worldwide- this time proven unit is a massive bargain. Just finish a wire, position the tool over the wire, and check if it will pass… Your clients and the NCC will love you.

Features & Benefits:

  • Simple to use
  • Durable and compact design
  • One Handed operation
  • Calibrated at the factory for precision work every single time!
  • Suits Stainless, Galvanised, and even single strand fencing wire – i just WORKS!.


  • All sorts of rigging under tension
  • Calibration table to meet NCC Regulations provided
  • Suitable for 2.5,3, 3.2 and 4mm wire
  • 7 x7 and 1×19 wire construction

Dimensions are:

  • Length = 184mm
  • Width = 134mm


  • 1 -Rigging Tension Gauge
  • 1 – Instruction Booklet
  • 1 – Australian Building Code (NCC) interpretation table for achieving compliance

Couple this with our Hand Swaging Gauge and you have the economical means of fastening and pulling your wire to the same tension EVERY time. Click here for Hand Swage Gauge

Gauge Interpretation Chart

Green Figures are “Good”, Not Accepted is self explanatory, and Pink shaded squares are NOT Recommended (as the kgs measured are below the valid range of the gauges.

Horizontal Spacing Between Posts
2.5mm 7×760mm2435394446555960Not Accepted
0.6kg2.0kg2.7kg4.3kg5.0kg8.6kg11.2kg11.8kgNot Accepted
80mm435053555963Not AcceptedNot AcceptedNot Accepted
38.9kg64.2kg74.4kg84.0kg104.5kg131.3kgNot AcceptedNot AcceptedNot Accepted
100mm566264Not AcceptedNot AcceptedNot AcceptedNot AcceptedNot AcceptedNot Accepted
88.6kg124.2kg139.4kgNot AcceptedNot AcceptedNot AcceptedNot AcceptedNot AcceptedNot Accepted
2.5mm 1×1960mm2542464854606669Not Accepted
3.6kg22.2kg31.6kg41.0kg59.6kg82.6kg114.7kg135.1kgNot Accepted
80mm49555860647074Not AcceptedNot Accepted
42.8kg64.2kg74.9kg85.6kg107.0kg142.7kg178.4kgNot AcceptedNot Accepted
100mm6672Not AcceptedNot AcceptedNot AcceptedNot AcceptedNot AcceptedNot AcceptedNot Accepted
116.2kg159.5kgNot AcceptedNot AcceptedNot AcceptedNot AcceptedNot AcceptedNot AcceptedNot Accepted
3.2mm 7×760mm214450525966737883
80mm4957606769758083Not Accepted
25.5kg42.1kg51.0kg75.5kg83.4kg110.4kg139.7kg159.5kgNot Accepted
100mm71798086Not AcceptedNot AcceptedNot AcceptedNot AcceptedNot Accepted
88.2kg130.3kg141.7kg167.1kgNot AcceptedNot AcceptedNot AcceptedNot AcceptedNot Accepted
3.2mm 1×1960mm2646515461687577Not Accepted
2.5kg18.7kg26.6kg34.7kg53.0kg80.5kg104.5kg120.3kgNot Accepted
80mm5462666974808689Not Accepted
33.1kg56.6kg68.3kg80.0kg103.5kg135.6kg175.8kg201.8kgNot Accepted
100mm75828688Not AcceptedNot AcceptedNot AcceptedNot AcceptedNot Accepted
111.1kg152.9kg173.8kg194.7kgNot AcceptedNot AcceptedNot AcceptedNot AcceptedNot Accepted
4.0mm 7×760mm214548516274828897

Weight1 kg




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