Bow Shackle G316 Stainless Steel – ALL SIZES

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Bow Shackle G316 Stainless Steel – ALL SIZES

$1.38$6.01 Inc GST

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Product Description

Bow Shackle G316 Stainless Steel fittings are also described as Anchor Shackles. This fitting provides a method for anchoring chain and wire rope to some sort of device or anchor point. The round open body providing a rustic or industrial appearance for that timeless look. The advantage of a Bow Shackle over a standard Dee Shackle is that they allow a much greater range of motion without binding. The screw pin at one end securely closes the fitting. These fasteners extremely secure once installed. Additionally, the screw pin allows easy removal and movement. Finally, these hackles combine with other fittings, including C-links, twisted shackles, chain and saddle straps.


Usage: The Bow Shackle G316 Stainless Steel exist in a range of sizes. All shackles made from polished marine grade stainless steel offer excellent corrosion resistance and durability. Additionally, the cast material is high quality  AISI 316 marine grade stainless steel. The electro-polished finish is superior and durable. Low Cost Wire Stainless Steel Bow Shackles suit general purpose and shade sail applications. Their form accommodates most types of metric threaded rod and bolts. Note that these fittings are NOT stamped with a rating for lifting purposes..

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Quality: All Low Cost Wire products meet our strict ISO Quality Standards. Firstly, our products achieve the optimal balance between high tensile strength, fatigue resistance, abrasion resistance, and structural stability. Secondly, that long experience with wire rope manufacturing enables the design and manufacture of aesthetically beautiful and functional products. Finally, our products have a special treatment for bright and smooth surface of wire and cable to deliver a truly top-shelf, long lasting product that will look new for ages…


Bow Shackle Trade Pack sizing is also available for volume discount transactions

Usage Tips

  • Shackles are ideal fasteners for projects linking tensioners or turnbuckles for stainless steel wire rope with a fastening anchor.
  • The wide eye  of the Shackle allows these fasteners easily be secured on a secured post or frame, and can be attached to a saddle or lag screw eye.
  • Shackles use a screw pin to close the 'loop'. This screw pin readily allows your fitting to be secured to your anchor as well as removed when required..
  • Simply tighten the screw pin of the shackle by rotating the pin clockwise until secured to your needs.

Installation Considerations

  • Matching alloys is important and avoiding cross contamination is very important.
  • It is recommended that similar alloy fasteners are used so that a dis similar (corrosive) alloy reaction is avoided. Generally G304 Stainless Steel screws are used in timber (counter sunk screws in soft woods and pan head screws in hard woods). Generally, G304 Stainless Steel Rivets are used to attach fittings to metal surfaces (aluminium, mild steel, and stainless steel).
  • It may be necessary to (electrically) isolate and insulate fittings from the substrate material - again to avoid a galvanic (dissimilar alloys) reaction. Nylon washers can be very effective in this regard.
  • Additionally, all fittings and tools mentioned: c-spanner and hydraulic swagers are available through our store as well. These Open Turnbuckles are primarily sized according to the diameter of wire with which they work. Therefore, they are used in concert with other fittings. Consequently with a similar swaging style - these additional fittings work with the same diameter of wire rope.

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Stainless Steel


AISI G316 (Marine)

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4.0mm, 5.0mm, 6.0mm, 8.0mm, 10.0mm, 12.0mm


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