Oval Eye Plate 8.0mm G316 Stainless Steel

$3.33$2,980.00 Inc GST


Oval Eye Plate 8.0mm G316 Stainless Steel

$3.33$2,980.00 Inc GST

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Oval Eye Plate 8.0mm G316 Stainless Steel

Oval Eye Plate  or Strap Saddle fittings are generally known as Pad Eyes or Saddles.  They are attachment points do not attach directly to wire rope. They are designed to be used with fasteners to attach to a flat surface.  They are strongest when the fasteners are under a tension load.

If wire rope is passed through or around a saddle in a loop, then the wire rope should be ‘protected’ by a thimble.  The thimble acts to distribute the load and prevent the wire being pulled through a radius that is tighter/smaller than is recommended. These fittings are designed to work with open turnbuckles, closed turnbuckles, manually swaged fittings, and hydraulically swaged terminals.  Each size of Eye Plate is designed to work with a specific size (range) of wire.

Oval Eye Plate fittings can be secured with various fasteners such as counter sunk screws, pan head screws, and rivets.  Other possibilities are bolts of some sort that are screwed into an embedded thread fastener such as a rivet nut or a timber insert.

It is recommended that similar alloy fasteners are used so that a dis similar (corrosive) alloy reaction is avoided.


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Stainless Steel


AISI G316 (Marine)

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Concrete, Metal, TImber