Tag Wire 1.5mm 200mm 7×7 G316 Stainless Steel TRADE PACKS

$1.74$510.00 Inc GST


Tag Wire 1.5mm 200mm 7×7 G316 Stainless Steel TRADE PACKS

$1.74$510.00 Inc GST


Product Description

Tag Wire 1.5mm 7×7 200mm G316 Stainless Steel Wire Rope is marine grade 1.5mm stainless steel wire rope. It attaches anything to anything (…just ask Qantas and Virgin 🙂 They love these things…). This Tag Wire 1.5mm 7×7 200mm G316 Stainless Steel Wire Rope (Marine Grade) has no stretch with mid range flexibility. Consequently, the flexible wire means it handles easily. The threaded brass clasp connects the wire ends together. As a result, both Professionals and DIY guys choose this assembly for fast and economical item tagging.


Usage: This flexible tag wire fastens easily, bends readily, and resists kinking. The wire will not stretch and units can be combined to form a longer effective length. The Brass threaded clasp fastens in three ways. Firstly, Hand tightened for easy deployment, Secondly – used with a permanent thread-lock compound for security, and Thirdly – swaged for a permanent installation. The Galvanised product is for use in non-corrosive environments. The Stainless Steel Tag Wire is for use in aggressive or corrosive installations.


Length of Wire: Use combinations of the offered tags to get the desired total length. The Brass Clasp for each diameter of wire is compatible across various lengths so the Tag Wires may be combined. For example, select a single 200mm length for a loop diameter of ~60mm or select a single 150mm length for a loop diameter of ~50mm. Finally, use A 200mm and a 150mm to form a loop of ~110mm together. Dimensions are D1: 3.4mm, D2: 5.0mm, C: ~60mm, L: 200mm


Quality: All Low Cost Wire products meet our strict ISO Quality Standards. Our Tag Wires deliver the optimal balance between high tensile strength, fatigue resistance, abrasion resistance, and structural stability. Finally, our process provides a special treatment for a bright and smooth surface on the wire and cable. As a result, this delivers a truly top-shelf, long lasting product that will look new for ages…

Usage Tips

  • First of all, this tag wire is intended to be mechanically fastened. However, one of our light duty swaging tools does a great job of destroying the clasp (by swaging it) for a VERY secure connection
  • Cutting of the wire is best done using Parrot Beak cutters (collapsing trapezoidal design) rather than shears or a grinder.
  • Manual swaging is done on the clasps which are Nickel Coated Brass. Brass is used instead of Aluminium because Brass or Copper (bare or Nickel Coated) fittings work with BOTH Stainless and Galvanised Wire - as we have in our Tag Wires.

Installation Considerations

  • Matching alloys is important and avoiding cross contamination is very important. Standard fittings for G316 Stainless Steel Wire are made from either Nickel Coated Copper/Brass or Stainless Steel. Contact with Aluminium or Carbon Steel is NOT recommended as it will cause a corrosive (galvanic) reaction.
  • It is recommended that similar alloy fasteners are used so that a dissimilar (corrosive) alloy reaction is avoided.
  • It may be necessary to (electrically) isolate and insulate fittings and tags from any non stainless steel substrate material - again to avoid a galvanic (dissimilar alloys) reaction. This can be done using an insulation device such as nylon washers or grommets

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Pack Size

Single, 10 Pack, 100 Pack, 1000 Pack



Wire Structure


Wire Diameter



Stainless Steel


AISI G316 (Marine)







Connection Style



RHOL (Right Hand Ordinary Lay)


D1: 3.4mm
D2: 5.0mm
C: ~60mm
L: 200mm