Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Low Cost Wire adheres to a documented Quality Assurance Process that operates on 4 primary areas:


Low Cost Wire orders inventory (SKU) from manufacturers and suppliers (SOURCE). Low Cost Wire contracts for SKU that may be combined or broken up in any number of ways to form virtual products  (PROD) delivered in shipments of orders comprised of SKU items.  In all cases, SKU is ordered according to a pre-determined specification that is contractually agreed with the SOURCE (referred to as SPEC). The extent and the details of the specifications of each item (ISPEC) of each item changes according to the salient/material features of the item that is being procured. There also exists an order specification (OSPEC) documenting terms (e.g. financial, temporal, legal, etc) of the order and a shipping specification (SSPEC) documenting transport terms (e.g. physical, insurance, agents, temporal, legal, etc) of the shipment.

Receiving and Stocking:

Low Cost Wire receives PROD  against SPEC. Each component is accepted when its adherence to its SPEC is approved. Acceptance of a delivery of  shipment when it complies with the SSPEC, of an order when it complies with the OSPEC, and of each item when that item complies with the ISPEC.  Any variation from specification is noted. Substantive or material deviation or variation  from any SPEC is controlled. Approval is granted in agreement with SOURCE

Advertising and Sales:

Low Cost Wire prepares product data sheets (PDS) based on ISPEC which are used to prepare PROD descriptions. PDS form the contractual basis of the offering to end users (CLIENT) of PROD.  It is anticipated that a CLIENT orders PROD from Low Cost Wire based on the actual description (DESC) based on the PDS.  DESC is the client facing documentation.  Other specifications underlying the DESC include the Warranty Specification (WSPEC), the Delivery Specification (DSPEC), the transaction and platform specification (TPSPEC), and the customer service specification (CSSPEC). Routine and planned validation of PDS is carried out to assure that DESC remain accurate and valid over time.  Low Cost Wire accepts orders (ORDER) from CLIENT and contracts with CLIENT on acceptance of agreed payment. Any anticipated or foreseen deviation of any planned SPEC is reviewed and presented for approval by the CLIENT before the transaction is bound and prepared for the delivery phase.


Low Cost Wire fulfills orders on a daily basis by accepting, picking, packing, and shipping an order.  A bound ORDER is reviewed for acceptability against generalized use cases (USES) based on elements such as safety, fit, function and interoperability. Any perceived deviation from USES is questioned with the CLIENT until a mutually satisfactorily agreement is reached.   Any ORDER perceived to deviate from USES on a safety basis is cancelled and refunded. Accepted ORDERs are picked against a pick list, cross checked and marked off. Picked ORDERs are then packed in compliance with DSPEC relevant to the chosen courier.  Shipments  in compliance with the DSPEC are consigned to the courier and tracking is updated and uploaded in accordance with the TPSPEC and our published CSSPEC. Delivery in Full and On-Time (DIFOT) is managed on an exception basis.

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