Generic Heavy Duty Hydraulic Swager Dies

$14.98 $9.98 Inc GST


Generic Heavy Duty Hydraulic Swager Dies

$14.98 $9.98 Inc GST

These little beauties work for hydraulically swaging Galvanised or Stainless Steel Wire Rope. The jaws can be used on any 2.4mm, 3.2mm, and 4.0mm Stainless Steel Hydraulically Swaged fittings that we sell. As well, they will swage / crimp aluminium or nickel coated copper swages giving the jaws and the tool a huge range of applicability.

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Product Description

Generic Heavy Duty Hydraulic Swager Dies

Generic Heavy Duty Hydraulic Swager dies are offered separately – in case of loss of the original or if there is an interest in having some extras. All of the dies that we supply with our Swaging Tools are (and have always been) high carbon steel that is heat treated and Chrome Vanadium Plated.

They are awesome. Used as recommended, these jaws are hard enough that they will (probably) never need to be replaced. But if you do wear them out, or lose them in the forest – the replacements are available here…

These little beauties work for specific tools – as well as being available in specific sizes.


Wire Rope Diameter
All Structures with IWRC
Die Size for
Oval or Hourglass
Aluminium or Copper
Die Size for
Stainless Steel Terminals
0.5mm N/A N/A
0.6mm N/A N/A
0.8mm N/A N/A
1.0mm N/A N/A
1.2mm 4mm2 N/A
1.6mm N/A N/A
1.8mm N/A N/A
2.0mm N/A 4mm2
2.4mm N/A 6mm2
3.0mm N/A 8mm2
3.2mm N/A 8mm2
4.0mm N/A 10mm2
4.8mm N/A N/A
5.0mm N/A N/A
6.0mm 70mm2 N/A
6.4mm N/A N/A
8.0mm N/A N/A


Jaw Size

4mm², 6mm², 8mm², 10mm², 16mm², 25mm², 35mm², 50mm², 70mm²


Chromium & Nickel


Cobalt Steel


Heavy Duty Hydraulic Swager – YCP-70C


W = ~10mm
H = ~16mm
L = ~25mm
H1 = ~8mm
h = ~ 2mm
D = ~6mm
d = ~5mm