Jaw Swage Rigging Screw Short Screw Eye LRTT

$9.98$15.90 Inc GST

Jaw Swage Rigging Screw Short Screw Eye LRTT

$9.98$15.90 Inc GST

This kit includes fittings suitable for a run of wire of up to 20 Meters (hence the LR or Long Run) and over as there are dual tensioning points. Use this kit with the 6x50mm Lag Eye Screws to attach directly into timber posts (hence the TT) (soft or hardwood).

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Product Description

Jaw Swage Rigging Screw Short Screw Eye LRTT

Jaw Swage Rigging Screw Short Screw Eye LRTT Kit suits a run of 3.2mm wire of 10 meters or more (hence the LR or Long Run). There is a Jaw Swage Rigging Screws to provide a single tensioning point. There are two 6x40mm Lag Eye Screws that form two attachment points. These attach directly into softwood or hardwood timber posts (hence the TT or Timber to Timber).


Both ends of the run have Jaw Swage Rigging Screws swaged to the wire which are adjustable.  The attachment points are Short Screw Eyes which are secured to timber posts or walls.  The Jaw Swage Rigging Screws are simply attached to the 6mm x 50mm Lag Screw Eyes.

Wire may be installed through the intermediate posts and ‘cut to length’.  Drill the intermediate posts out to at least 4mm prior to swaging in place. Before swaging, please expand all of the tensioners so that the maximum adjust-ability is available.

Alternately, if you build the wire before you install it, then the length of a wire run is determined by the ‘inside to inside’ post measurement less a fixed amount which represents the distance between the attachment posts ‘taken up’ by the fittings when installed and adjusted properly. We recommend cutting, building, installing and reviewing your installation to ensure that it looks the way YOU want it to look once its complete.


  • 2 – Jaw Swage Rigging Screw Stainless Steel 316 Marine Grade
  • 2 – 6mm x 50mm Lag Eye Screws Stainless Steel 316 Marine Grade


  • Balustrade Kit for 1 Runs/Wire
  • Post Connections  TT (Timber to Timber
  • Recommended Run Length >=10M (LR)
  • Swaging Method:  Hydraulic
  • Wire Structure: 7×7, 1×19
  • Section Orientation: Flat, Stairs, Angle
  • Wire Orientation in a Section: Horizontal, Vertical



Stainless Steel


AISI G316 (Marine)

Wire Diameter

2.4mm, 3.2mm, 4.0mm

Run Length

Up to 20M (LR)

Connection Style

Hydraulic Swaging

Attachment Style

Eye Screw

Attachment Substrate

Concrete, TImber