Professional Hydraulic Swager

$899.98 $699.99 Inc GST


Professional Hydraulic Swager

$899.98 $699.99 Inc GST

This Professional Level Hydraulic Swager is a little beauty that works for hydraulically swaging G316 Stainless Steel Wire Rope in architectural applications. It has 2 speed compression and a pre-set safety valve for perfect pressure welds every time.

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Product Description

Professional Hydraulic Swaging Tool

This awesome Professional Hydraulic Swager generates the equivalent of a MASSIVE 153 Tons / in2 with its dies and is industry fabrication quality and IMHO – one of the best hand tools around.  As well, this tool has the improved lever shafts secured with an adjustable “Lock On” pressure dial – made stronger to last longer. It is well designed with reliable, solid construction and comes with a set of “Standard” set of generic hexagonal (GHJ)  jaws.  Specialized jaw sets and individual replacement jaws (a pair) are also available for the tool.

Please note that there can be a wide variation in fitting length and wall thickness, however the general guideline is that the standard jaws work with:

  • Stainless Steel Swaged fittings that suit wire rope in the 2.4mm to 5.0mm range.
  • Hourglass / Duplex  Aluminium & Copper & Nickel Coated Copper Ferrules that suit wire rope in the 2.4mm to 9.0mm range.
  • Round Aluminium & Copper & Nickel Coated Copper Ferrules (End stops) that suit wire rope in the 2.4mm to 9.0mm range.
  • Terminal Ball cast fittings that suit wire rope in the 3.2 to 5.0mm range.

Specialized Dies are available in sets and are dedicated to a size and purpose and as such, they are additionally hardened and shaped for a particular application and size.  In addition to the generic hexagonal jaws – both Round and Hexagonal Jaws are available.

The Hardened Round (HRJ) Dies are what are recommended for use with a machine (oval) ferrule – either copper or aluminium.  The SRJ Dies are sized for Oval Swages, have a wider compression zone, and are generally simply thicker. and more durable than the GHJ Dies. These SRJ Dies finish the fitting with a round shape that suits machine (OVAL) swages – and YES – this works on Nicopress Swages VERY well.  They are available in sizes suiting

The Hardened Hexagonal (HHJ) Dies are what are recommended for use with stainless steel – either 316 or 304 – terminal fittings.  These HHJ Dies finish the fitting with  a hexagonal shape with a die that is extra wide – and yes, they work VERY well. 

There is a Table (in development) noting the size of jaw to the appropriate  application.


This Hydraulic Swaging Tool generates 12 Tons ‘at the head’ – which means when the area of the dies is considered – the effective pressure is > 153 Tons / in2 or over 288,000 lbs/in2 or over 1,985,690 KPa. That is enormous and has the ability to “pressure weld” the fittings into the wire rope.

To manage this pressure, this tool has a ‘pre-set’ pressure valve to every swage is  perfect and achieved at the same pressure. It also works as a safety valve so that you don’t (literally) blow the end off of the tool. An advanced-retract control for the ram is located in the moveable handle.

As well, 2 Speed Compression is afforded by an internal valve automatically shifts from the low pressure pump stage to the high pressure compression stage. The switch occurs with a smooth transition at the point of contact with a fitting.

Full visibility of the working area is afforded by the narrow, 180° swivel “C” head, making it easy to position the dies on the fitting.

Features & Benefits:

  • Two Handed operation
  • Bench Mountable in a vice for 1 Handed Operation.
  • Special Factory formed generic Hardened Tool Steel Swaging Dies for consistent perfect swaging every single time!
  • 505mm for good reach and  leverage and power
  • Dies can be locked in place
  • Suits swaging/crimping Nickel Coated Copper Ferrules/Swages as well as Stainless Steel Fittings
  • Works with G316 Stainless Steel swage fittings for 2.4mm, 3.0mm, 3.2mm, 4.0mm, 4.8mm, and 5.0mm wire rope
  • Shock-proof design with ergonomic handles to eliminate vibration
  • Rubberized ergonomic handles make it easier to use for extended periods


  • Overall length of the tool (505mm / 20″) provides excellent leverage
  • Weight 4.8kg
  • Jaw Spread 3.0mm
  • Minium Diameter of Wire – 2.4mm
  • Maximum Diameter of Wire – 9.0mm
  • Force of tool – 153 Tons / in2 with dies


  • 1LCW-153T Professional Hydraulic Swage Tool 
  • 1 – Clip Lock Plastic Molded Case
  • 1 – Die Set (#6, #8, #10, #16, #25, #35, #50, #70, #95, #120, #150, #185, #240)


Power Source


Wire Diameter

3.2mm, 4.8mm, 5.0mm, 6.0mm, 6.4mm, 8.0mm

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