Combination Drill Tap Titanium Coated HSS – ALL SIZES

$4.36$23.18 Inc GST


Combination Drill Tap Titanium Coated HSS – ALL SIZES

$4.36$23.18 Inc GST

This little tool makes drilling and tapping a thread in metal complete child’s play – and it has a beautiful finish… This is excellent tool is compact and works your variable speed reversing drill.

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Product Description

Combination Drill Tap Titanium Coated bits are amazing. A Firstly, a Combination Drill Tap allows a tradesman to combine operations. Secondly, the Combination Drill Tap drills a hole in metal and taps a thread.  Thirdly, these tools work in a variable speed reversing drill. Finally, Left and Right handed  Drill Taps with metric thread combinations exist.


Usage: Metal (galvanized, mild steel, aluminium, and Stainless Steel) posts or plate can all be drilled and tapped with this combination tool. As with all metal drilling operations – it is highly recommended that the user:

  • firstly, makes a pilot hole first (saves the tip of the tool and SMALL drill bits are much cheaper);
  • secondly, uses a lubricant or cutting fluid on both surfaces – even on aluminium (olive oil actually works fine);
  • thirdly, keeps the drill perfectly square to the surface; and
  • ALWAYS goes slowly.


Features This dead easy tradesman quality tool features

    • High Speed Steel Titanium plated  Drill Tap
    • Metric Sizing
    • Suits drilling and tapping stainless steel (316 & 304) up to 1.6mm thick plate or tube walls
    • Suits drilling and tapping iron, aluminium, and mild steel up to 3.0mm thick plate or tube walls


Quality: All Low Cost Wire products meet our strict ISO Quality Standards. As well, they are all made with AISI Marine Grade stainless steel. Firstly, our products achieve the optimal balance between high tensile strength, fatigue resistance, abrasion resistance, and structural stability. Secondly, that long experience with design and manufacturing enables the specification and production of aesthetically beautiful and functional products. Finally, our products have a special electro polished treatment for bright and smooth surface of wire and cable to deliver a truly top-shelf, long lasting product that will look new for ages…



Balustrade Set (M6 RHT and LHT), M3 RHT, M4 RHT, M5 RHT, M6 LHT, M6 RHT, M8 RHT, M10 RHT, Metric Set (M3, M4, M5, M6, M8, M10)

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M3+M4+M5+M6+M8+M10, M3 RHT, M4 RHT, M5 RHT, M6 LHT, M6 RHT, M8 RHT, M10 RHT


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