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Jaw Jaw Rigging Screw Thimble Swage Short Eye Bolt LRMM

$9.30$11.78 Inc GST

Eye Bolt Short Jaw Jaw Bottlescrew LRMM
Eye Bolt Short Jaw Jaw Bottlescrew LRMM Assembled Diagram
2 Pack Mini Eye Bolts G316 Stainless Steel
2 Pack of Stainless Steel Wire Rope Thimbles
2 Pack of Nickel Coaed Copper Swages
2 Pack Jaw Jaw Rigging Bottle Screw

Jaw Jaw Rigging Screw Thimble Swage Short Eye Bolt LRMM

$9.30$11.78 Inc GST

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This kit suits manually swaging a run of 3.2mm wire of 20 meters or less (hence the LR or Long Run) as there are two tensioning points. Attachments are two M6x1.0 Mini Eye Bolts to attach directly into Metal Posts (hence the MM or Metal to Metal).

Jaw Jaw Rigging Screw Thimble Swage Short Eye Bolt LRMM

Jaw Jaw Rigging Screw Thimble Swage Short Eye Bolt LRMM kit suits a run of wire of 20 meters or less (hence the LR or Long Run). There are twoe tensioning points and two attachment points. attachments are two M6x1.0x15mm (Short or Mini) Eye Bolts. These attach directly into metal posts (hence the MM or Metal to Metal).


The first end of the run has a 5mm Jaw / Jaw Rigging Screw (for wire tensioning) swaged to the wire. The jaw of this attaches to the first Eye Bolt. The other Jaw attaches to the wire using a terminal loop formed with a ferrule and a swage. The Eye Bolt is fastens to a metal post or stud. The second end uses a terminal loop formed with a ferrule and a swage to attach to the second Eye Bolt which is fastened to the second post or wall.

Wire may be installed through the intermediate posts and ‘cut to length’. Please make sure you expand the turnbuckles before measurement and drill the intermediate posts out to at least 4mm prior to swaging in place. Alternately, if you build the wire before you install it, then the length of a wire run is determined by the ‘inside to inside’ post measurement less a fixed amount which represents the distance between the attachment posts ‘taken up’ by the fittings when installed and adjusted properly.

We recommend our Drill Taps (for drilling and tapping the metal posts) for installation of the Eye Bolts.  Optionally, you can use Nutserts which afford an excellent structural alternative. Also – in your intermediate metal posts – we strongly recommend the use of stand grommets (flat areas) and angle grommets (ramps or stairs) for any non-stainless intermediate posts (to avoid a dissimilar alloys reaction).


  • 2 – M6x1.0x15mm Eye Bolts Stainless Steel 316 Marine Grade
  • 2 – 5mm Jaw/ Jaw Rigging Screw G316 Stainless Steel Marine Grade
  • 2 – Nickel Coated Copper Ferrules
  • 2 – G316 Stainless Steel Thimbles


  • Balustrade Kit for 1 Runs/Wire
  • Post Connections  MM (Metal to Metal)
  • Recommended Run Length <20M (LR)
  • Swaging Method:  Manual
  • Wire Structure: 7×7, 7×19
  • Diameter of Wire: 1.6mm, 2.0mm, 2.4mm, 3.2mm 4.0mm
  • Section Orientation: Flat, Stairs, Angle
  • Wire Orientation in a Section: Horizontal, Vertical



Stainless Steel


AISI G316 (Marine)

Wire Structure

7×19, 7×7

Wire Diameter

1.6mm, 2.0mm, 2.4mm, 3.0mm, 3.2mm, 4.0mm

Run Length

Up to 20M (LR)

Connection Style

Manual Swaging

Attachment Style

Eye Bolt

Tension Style

Turnbuckle – Jaw/Jaw Closed

Attachment Substrate


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