$3.98$5.30 Inc GST


$3.98$5.30 Inc GST

This kit suits a run of wire of 10 meters or less(hence the SR or Short Run). There is no turnbuckle. Attachments are two M6x1.0 x 40mm (RHT & LHT) Swage Bolts to attach directly into Metal posts (hence the MM or Metal to Metal).

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Product Description

Swage Bolt RHT LHT SRMM Kit suits a short run of  wire of 10 meters or less (SR = Short Run). This Quick-Fit Metal System is the most streamlined wire balustrade systems available on the market. Wires can be factory swaged or swaged on site. All components are expertly manufactured from high quality materials for an extremely durable and exceptional looking finish. The Right Hand Thread (RHT) and Left Hand Thread (LHT) Terminal Swage Bolts form two attachment points. Together, the swage bolts as a ‘turnbuckle’ when attached to a wire. The studs screw directly into M6x1.0 threaded holes in Metal posts (MM = Metal to Metal).


Usage:The first end of the run has a RHT Swage Bolt swaged to the wire. This attaches to the first threaded metal post or wall. The second end uses an LHT Swage Bolt which is fastened to the second post or wall. The attachment is achieved by drilling and tapping a thread into the metal. . Wire may be installed through the intermediate posts and ‘cut to length’. Please make sure you cut the wire beforehand. It is VERY difficult to ‘cut to size’ once the Terminal Swage Bolts are installed. Drill the intermediate posts out to at least 4mm prior to swaging in place.

Alternately, if you build the wire before you install it, then the length of a wire run is determined by the ‘inside to inside’ post measurement less a fixed amount which represents the distance between the attachment posts ‘taken up’ by the fittings when installed and adjusted properly.  We recommend cutting, building, installing and reviewing your installation to ensure that it looks the way YOU want it to look once its complete.

Installation of this kit requires 2 people.


In application, the 40mm length is ideal for fastening to a common corner post as the screws are very robust/strong (use a Tapped hole) and because of the length, they will NOT collide in a corner post as an ‘adjustable’ length will protrude from the post.

Optionally, you can use Nutserts (LHT and RHT) installed with a Nutsert tool for a more secure connection into Metal Posts. Elsewhere we offer this kit with Timber Inserts (LHT and RHT) that allow it to be installed with an Allen key for a secure connection into Timber Posts.  As well, these studs can be used with swivels for use on stairs or ramps.

We offer combination Drill-Taps with the correct LH and RH thread

Wires are  installed in straight sections – through intermediate posts and ‘cut to length’ before swaging. Drill the intermediate posts out to at least 4mm prior to swaging “in place” or 8mm if swaging is done outside of the structure.


  • 1 – M6 x 1.0 X 40mm RHT Swage Bolt Stainless Steel 316 Marine Grade
  • 1 – M6 x 1.0 X 40mm LHT Swage Bolt Stainless Steel 316 Marine Grade


  • Balustrade Kit for Pack Size Runs/Wire
  • Post Connections  MM (Metal to Metal)
  • Recommended Run Length <10M (SR)
  • Swaging Method:  Hydraulic
  • Wire Structure: 7×7, 1×19
  • Diameter of Wire: 3.2mm, 4.0mm
  • Thread of Fitting: M6 x 1.0
  • Section Orientation: Flat, Stairs, Angle
  • Wire Orientation in a Section: Horizontal, Vertical


Run Length

Up to 10M (SR)

Connection Style

Hydraulic Swaging

Tension Style

Stud – Bolt Basic

Attachment Style

Machine Stud

Attachment Substrate



Stainless Steel


AISI G316 (Marine)

Wire Diameter

3.2mm, 4.0mm

Wire Structure

7×7, 1×19