Eye Bolt M6 x 11mm G316 Stainless Steel

$1.09$626.00 Inc GST


Eye Bolt M6 x 11mm G316 Stainless Steel

$1.09$626.00 Inc GST

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Product Description

Eye Bolt M6 x 11mm (or Mini Eye Bolts) have a MUCH smaller head and are more streamlined. They match the look of our Mini Lag Eye Screws  for a sophisticated architectural look.  Mini refers to the size of the head/eye of the screw. The Eye Bolt M6 x 11mm is formed to work with either a manually or a hydraulically swaged terminal end on the wire run. Terminal ends can be either loops or pinned fittings. Firstly, loops are formed with a thimble and a swage. Secondly, Pinned fittings such as a Swage Fork have pins that pass through the eye.

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Usage: Eye Bolt M6 x 11mm fasten into the posts or uprights directly.  They also serve as the fastening points that anchor a run of balustrading wire into a post.  To make the job easier, try our ‘6mm Combination Drill Tap RHT’ Simply put, IT ROCKS – saves your wrists, speeds up the install and demonstrates a bit of ingenuity. Choose a shorter Eye bolt for attachment into either small h0llow section. There is more than enough thread and you avoid the cost and time of a longer thread. Choosing a longer length is only appropriate in special circumstances.

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Quality: All Low Cost Wire products meet our strict ISO Quality Standards. Firstly, our products achieve the optimal balance between high tensile strength, fatigue resistance, abrasion resistance, and structural stability. Secondly, that long experience with wire rope manufacturing enables the design and manufacture of aesthetically beautiful and functional products. Finally, our products have a special treatment for bright and smooth surface of wire and cable to deliver a truly top-shelf, long lasting product that will look new for ages…

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Dimensions: D = ~ 6.5mm; D1 = ~ 11.7mm; L = ~ 26.6mm; L1 = ~ 11.0mm; M = ~ 6.0mm

Usage Tips

  • Eye Bolt fittings are attachment points that do not attach directly to wire rope. They are designed to attach a threaded hole - either in hollow section, plate or an insert.
  • You may want locking nuts (and washers)
  • They are strongest when the fasteners are under a tension load.
  • Wire rope passed through an eye bolt in a loop, should be 'protected' by a thimble if it is under tension.
  • The thimble acts to distribute the load and prevent the wire being pulled through a radius that is tighter/smaller than is recommended.
  • These fittings are designed to work with open turnbuckles, closed turnbuckles, manually swaged fittings, and hydraulically swaged terminals.

Installation Considerations

Longer Eye Bolts work best in situations where you need to

  • go into concrete (and you need the extra length/bite for use with a standard Plastic Plug or Nutsert or Timber Insert); or
  • go through render or siding before you hit an anchoring stud; or
  • if you want the 'eye' to protrude (visibly) from your attachment post (e.g. when stabilizing a wire in a green wall implementation)

In application, the shortest feasible thread length is recommended for fastening to a common corner post as the Eye Bolts are very robust/strong. Use a 3mm pilot hole prior to tapping - to save the point on the drill tap.  And with a short length, they will NOT collide in a 50mm x 50mm corner post (this is the most common size of metal hollow section  posts).  And contrary to popular belief, the longer length is NOT stronger - in fact it is more likely to torque off under hard load.  So unless you know you need the extra depth or clearance - we strongly recommend shorter Eye Bolts.


Pack Size

Single, 10 Pack, 100 Pack, 1000 Pack




Stainless Steel


AISI G316 (Marine)

Attachment Substrate

Concrete, Metal, TImber

Attachment Style

Eye Bolt


D = ~ 6.5mm;
D1 = ~ 11.7mm;
L = ~ 26.6mm;
L1 = ~ 11.0mm;
M = ~ 6.0mm