Swage Bolt M6 RHT – 4.0mm G316 Stainless Steel TRADE PACKS

$2.57$1,990.00 Inc GST


Swage Bolt M6 RHT – 4.0mm G316 Stainless Steel TRADE PACKS

$2.57$1,990.00 Inc GST

The Swage Bolt is hydraulically swaged onto the wire rope and fastened to timber or metal posts or uprights that form the frame or area that will contain the wire. Swage Bolts are primarily sized according to the diameter of wire with which they work. Often used as LHT and RHT pairs using appropriate Nutserts or Drill-Taps


Product Description

Swage Bolt M6 RHT – 4.0mm G316 Stainless Steel terminates 4.0mm Wire Rope. Alternatively, a Swage Bolt may be called a Stud Terminal. Additionally, It has a “handed” thread secured with a lock nut. The adjustable G316 Stainless Steel swaged end terminal fastens to M6 anchor points. As a result, swaged Terminals must match the size of the anchor points. Additionally, a Swage Bolt Terminal fits a single wire diameter. Adjustable fittings of a similar swaging style are used in concert with Swage Bolt Terminals. Usually, the wire diameter and thread pitch are part of the naming convention.

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Usage: The Swage Bolt M6 RHT – 4.0mm fastens into an M6 anchor hole in the frame or area that will contain the wire. Swage the bolt to attach the wire.  To clarify, swaging is the process of uniformly crushing a fitting from a starting diameter to a finished diameter. Therefore, the chosen swaging tool must achieve a cold pressure weld. Logically, the requisite pressure and tool size varies with the size of the wire and the fitting. Consequently, we recommend Swaging G316 Stainless Steel fittings onto wire larger than 2.0mm with an adequate hydraulic swaging tool.

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Quality: All Low Cost Wire products meet our strict ISO Quality Standards. As well, they are all made with AISI Marine Grade stainless steel. Firstly, our products achieve the optimal balance between high tensile strength, fatigue resistance, abrasion resistance, and structural stability. Secondly, that long experience with design and manufacturing enables the specification and production of aesthetically beautiful and functional products. Finally, our products have a special electro polished treatment for bright and smooth surface of wire and cable to deliver a truly top-shelf, long lasting product that will look new for ages…

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Dimensions: D = ~ 6.3mm;  T = ~ 6.0mm; L = ~ 102.1mm; L1 = ~38.7mm; L2 = ~43.9mm


Pack Size

Single, 10 Pack, 100 Pack, 1000 Pack


Stainless Steel


AISI G316 (Marine)





Wire Diameter


Connection Style

Hydraulic Swaging


D = ~ 6.3mm
T = ~ 6.0mm
L = ~ 102.1mm
L1 = ~38.7mm
L2 = ~43.9mm